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Showcasing the most significant tech developments in Northern Ireland

MOF Technologies: Breakthrough Solution for Gas Storage & Capture Without Solvents is a Cleaner, Greener Way for Industry to Go

added Wednesday, October 30 2013

MOF Technologies is set to break into a monopolised market with a range of clean, efficient materials for resolving many urgent ecological and...


Komodo: The saviour of STEM? The fun eLearning app that enables parents to teach their kids maths…. and it works! Sorry maths tutors, you’re out of work!

added Friday, October 18 2013

A new eLearning app, designed in Belfast, aims to overcome stagnant maths scores by taking a highly personal approach to teaching children....

Creative Media

DisplayNote: new interactive screencasting app for devices ends death by powerpoint

added Monday, October 7 2013

DisplayNote is an app that brings a range of interactive features into any setting where there is a presenter and participants. The app could be a...


Titan IC Systems: Filtering Content Faster for the World's Big Data Needs

added Monday, October 7 2013

Titan IC Systems has a cheaper and faster solution for our exponentially growing demand for data. Typically the job of filtering internet traffic...


itradein: a Digital Platform to Connect the Global Food & Drink Sector

added Monday, September 9 2013

A Belfast-based company has built a web business that offers a more efficient way to operate in one of the world’s largest sectors. itradein is an...

Stories from the Entrepreneurial Frontline

added Thursday, September 5 2013

There are lots of cool entrepreneurs building exciting products and services in Northern Ireland. It is time that we drew back the curtain and invited...



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