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Showcasing the most significant tech developments in Northern Ireland

Green Sword: A Natural Way to Clean Up Oil Spills Without the Environmental Fallout

added Tuesday, August 19 2014

As long as the modern world runs on oil, there will be oil spills. They don’t just contaminate our soil and water, they can also emit greenhouse...


See.Sense. Pt 2: a Low-Cost Power Meter for the Cyclist Who Cares About Performance

added Tuesday, August 12 2014

A few months ago, when TechWatch met the See.Sense. team for the first time, its CEO and Technical Lead Philip McAleese described their ambition...


Plotbox: a Digital Platform that Makes Life Easier for Those Dealing with Death

added Tuesday, August 5 2014

Death, being as unavoidable as taxes, is big business. The death care industry in the US alone is estimated at $20bn. But as with many traditional...


TechWatch Summer Holidays

added Tuesday, July 29 2014

  Just to let you know we haven't left you. July has been pretty quiet for TechWatch stories, during the holiday season. But we're back...

Another Tech Startup Progress Update: Learning Pool and DisplayNote

added Tuesday, July 22 2014

Before we get stuck back into following the teams in the build-up behind INVENT 2014, TechWatch has been catching-up with a couple more companies...

Creative Media

Update: Performa Sports and Sensum – What Have Our Tech Startups Been up to in the Last Few Months?

added Tuesday, July 8 2014

We’re trying something new in the middle of our run of special features covering the INVENT 2014 competition. Summer is finally here and the...


Write to Read: a Font that Tackles Dyslexia and the Schoolboy Entrepreneur Who Designed It

added Tuesday, June 24 2014

About one person in ten has dyslexia. So we all know people who suffer this condition. That number is more like three out of four in our prisons,...

Creative Media

Vaccine Tabs QUB: Needle-Free Vaccinations that Offer Smart Drug Delivery Without the Pain

added Tuesday, June 17 2014

Recent advances in "smart" drug delivery promise safer, more efficient and, ultimately, more effective medicine for all. Currently competing for...

Life & Health

Sixty-5: Putting Tech in the Hands of the World’s Farmers with an App Store for Agriculture

added Tuesday, June 10 2014

Connected technologies could have a lot to offer for a world that is rapidly growing in population and struggling to produce food fast enough to cope....


INVENT QuickPitch: Getting Behind Twelve of the Hottest New Product Ideas in Northern Ireland

added Tuesday, June 3 2014

In a switch from the normal format, this edition kicks off a season of stories looking not just at one but twelve inventions emerging from...

Knowledge Economy

Beacon: Now Anyone can Publish Stylish Marketing Materials Across Many Channels

added Tuesday, May 27 2014

It’s a struggle for most businesses to create engaging content for their audiences on a regular basis. This is increasingly challenging as...

Creative Media

Epic Fail: TechWatch Lost This Time

added Tuesday, May 20 2014

  [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"] #facepalm[/caption] Normally I'd be telling you about an exciting tech venture being...



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