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A fortnightly digest of the most significant local tech developments

Anaeko: Bringing Clarity to the Chaos of Service Providers, as more Enterprises Drift into the Cloud

added Tuesday, April 8 2014

The great migration to the cloud is underway. 2013 saw a sharp rise in the number of large organisations selecting services from a plethora of new...


Rotor: Video Production Made Easy for the New Music Generation

added Monday, March 31 2014

The music scene isn’t what it used to be and never will be again. For one thing, it’s now a multimedia experience. Video has become a key...

Creative Media

Patchblocks: Taking Programming Out of the Screen and onto the Table with Modular Music Synthesising

added Sunday, March 23 2014

The march from analogue to digital has provided massive advantages, especially in cost and functionality. But some technologies are simply nicer...


Lewis Fertility: Using Sperm DNA Analysis to Cut the Heartache and Expense from the Fertility Journey

added Tuesday, March 18 2014

From an innovator's perspective, the fertility treatment process seems ripe for improvement. In most cases it's slow, expensive and emotionally...

Life & Health

Generation Innovation '14: Bringing Role Models like Jack Dorsey to Inspire the Next Generation of Innovators and Leaders

added Sunday, March 9 2014

Thanks to Katie McQuillan for the video of the event on 12 Feb How should we help our young people believe that they can develop disruptive...

Knowledge Economy

Tactility Factory: Concrete + Textiles = Beautiful Innovation For the World’s Buildings

added Sunday, March 2 2014

It's an injustice to portray Tactility Factory's range of "concrete skins" in words, pictures or video. You simply have to touch it to...


Sian’s Plan: Driving the Healthy Eating Revolution with App-Based Home Economics

added Monday, February 24 2014

Through the upheaval of the last few decades of modernisation, we are seeing the return of some basic old skills. Technology is complementing a...

Creative Media

Sophia: Putting Relevancy Back in Online Advertising with the Rise of Ambient Commerce

added Monday, February 17 2014

When did you last notice a banner ad? The statistics give a nice answer: that we're more likely to climb Mount Everest than click on a banner ad....


Commander Securities: Pioneering Pro-Active Deterrence, Because What Good are Alarms After the Theft?

added Monday, February 10 2014

The battle against theft has always evolved parallel with technological development. In a world of connected devices we now have ground for...


SiSaf: A Smart Way to Deliver Targeted Medicine? With Silicon Nanoparticles, Naturally

added Monday, February 3 2014

Medical science has given us a marvellous array of treatments that are highly effective for specific disorders. But regardless of a drug's...

Life & Health

GoReport: Now we can Inspect, Record and Publish Straight from the Field

added Monday, January 27 2014

In his past life as an Engineer, Conor Moran reckons 40% of his billable time was spent back in the office, generating the reports from his...


Performa Sports: Capture Live Sports Analytics to Raise Your Game

added Monday, January 20 2014

It's half-time, you're a goal down and gathered in the changing rooms with your teammates. The decisions made now could make or break your game....



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