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In pictures: MIT - Way to Scale


Ten local CEOs arrived at MIT in Boston on Sunday, January 20th to kick off the new Way to Scale programme. Photo credits: John Knapton

Boston during a big freeze. Temperatures at -24C with wind chill, and the Charles River is completely frozen over
What is the meaning of innovation? MIT's Entrepreneurship Development Program kicks off on Sunday afternoon with CEO and serial entrepreneur BIll Aulet speaking
Dharmesh Shah, CEO and co-founder of Hubspot speaks to the entrepreneurs
Sixteen teams are to be formed with an eclectic mix of global entrepreneurs, to develop 16 ideas over the next week, testing the "disciplined entrepreneur" process. It's shaping up for close to 20% of the teams to be based on Team NI ideas
It's blue skies in Boston despite the frigid temperatures!
Roison Molloy of Belfast's TriMedika at MIT
View of the Boston skyline from Cambridge. From left: Daniel Crawford, Adrienne Hanna, Roisin Molloy, Leann Monk, Bob Pollard, John Knapton
From left: Fintan Connolly from Take Ten; Bob Pollard from Causeway Sensors, Dan Crawford from Axial3D, Roison Molly from TriMedika, Christine Boyle from Senergy, Leann Monk from Elemental Sofware, Paul Stewart from Unibaggage (kneeling)
From left: Fintan Connolly from Take Ten; Bob Pollard from Causeway Sensors; Adrienne Hanna from Right Revenue; Dan Crawford from Axial3D; Roison Molloy from TriMedika; Christine Boyle from Senergy; Andrew Woods from Catagen; Leann Monk from Elemental Sofware; Paul Stewart from Unibaggage (kneeling)
NI entrepreneurs pitch ideas developed during the week-long workshop at MIT

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