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Springboard pushes ambitious, innovation businesses breakthrough to global success

What is Springboard?

Springboard is an intensive, in-business process that challenges, supports and expedites robust business models, including sales and marketing strategies, by leveraging the collective knowledge of a unique network of experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders in an open, nurturing environment. The programme is open to companies with the ambition and potential to grow revenue to between £10Million and £100Million.

Springboard is

Uniquely Customised...
to maximise potential and help to resolve weakness in your market frame, value proposition and commercialisation strategy

‘In-business’ Process...
that won’t disrupt your core business activities

Complete Process...
that can support you right through to securing investment capital

Springboard will

Springboard provides a network of Critical Friends who stress-test your product idea, helping to refine the proposition and avoid costly mistakes.

Our approach is uncompromising, our support is unconditional. Experienced Entrepreneurs in Residence give valuable insight freely to help your business succeed.

Agility is important. In just 20 weeks, Springboard will help you build a robust business model, reduce risk and create a commercialisation strategy that investors will love.

Once accepted into Springboard you will be assigned specialist business mentors (Entrepreneurs in Residence, EiRs) to coach you. Assisted by a pool of over 400 subject matter experts, EiRs will provide honest and insightful feedback based on their experience growing successful global businesses. Their role, as ‘critical friends’ is to help you refine and confirm the real opportunity, qualify and improve your value proposition and build a compelling commercialisation strategy. Their help will significantly reduce your go-to-market risk, developing an eminently more investible proposition.

After completion of the Core Process, Springboard alumni can benefit from SB Scale - structured workshops specifically developed to address fundamental business growth blockers, including marketing, sales and access to capital. An early funding triage, for example, can significantly increase your probability of securing capital by matching financial needs, market sector and growth stage, with our circle of funding partners. No matter what issues you face, the Connect team will work with you unconditionally to assist your growth ambitions. Through SB+, our unique global entrepreneur network, we can offer additional assistance to expose you to a larger global market and help secure export business.

Springboard (Northern Ireland) statistics speak volumes:

*figures as of July 2018

How to apply

If your business or idea could benefit from an injection of Springboard’s expertise and enthusiasm, email our co-ordinator, Dominique Cummins who can guide you through the application process. The downloadable resources below will give you an indication of what to expect.

Our Process

Springboard’s incalculable value to companies is based on a process, proven over 25+ years of success. 12 months of tailored pro-bono support, bounded by an intense core accelerator process. 

Core Process

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Springboard Podcast

The Springboard podcast series, Succeed in Business, brings you insights from real experiences to help you build strong business acumen. Take a look at the reviews below from iTunes:

"Be prepared to listen over and over again, so much valuable content in this series of podcasts. Great questions from interviewers..."

"Brilliant series on interviews with real entrepreneurs who have been there and done that. Sharing their wisdom and what not to do..."

Listen to our latest podcast now via iTunes and Soundcloud

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