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Invent 2018

Applications open January 2018


Invent 2018

Invent is an annual competition that showcases and rewards local innovations and proof of concept ideas that have the greatest commercial potential. The competition is open to anyone with an innovative idea, from students, postgrads and researchers through to executives with side projects and retired people with a solution. 

Applications for Invent 2018 will open in January. 

To find out more information or to register your interest, please contact Invent Programme Manager Kerry McGarvey: kerry.mcgarvey@catalyst-inc.org

Invent 2017 Winners

Phion Therapeutics

Targeted and controlled drug delivery technology

Team Helen McCarthy & David Tabaczynski 

Overall winner and Life & Health category winner



Automated beer keg solution 

Team Bryan Murphy, Conor Mcgurk, Connor Carville, Donavan Cambell, Patrick Devlin, Aaron Rath

Agri Science Category Winner 



Discrete wearable heatpack

Team Fiona Bennington 

Engineering Category Winner


Smart Tracking Bag

Team Niamh Tohill, Vincent Kearney, Andrew Cunningham, Nathan Steenson, Matthew Whiteside

Electronics Category Winner

Seat View

360 degree virtual reality seat views

Team Graham Little

Consumer & Creative Internet Category Winner



Fast, proactive and scalable application of security features

Team Gary Robinson

Enterprise Software Category Winner

Innovation Founder Award

Connect is future-focused, but that’s not to say we can’t learn a thing or two from the past. Our annual Innovation Founders Award is given to a local innovator who has successfully pushed the possibility of their business idea beyond boundaries. They come from a wide variety of sectors but all share a common characteristic: having the tenacity and vision to develop home-grown innovation into remarkable success stories. They are all testament to the fact that in Northern Ireland we are as capable as anywhere in the world at creating outstanding breakthrough businesses. 

Steering Team

Clare Passmore


David Brownlee

HSC Innovations

Neil Buchanan


Kathleen Garrett


Niamh Griffin

Bank Of Ireland UK

Caroline Hearst

Arthur Cox

John Macrae

Ulster University

Steven Orr

Deloitte Digital

Neasa Quigley

Carson Mc Dowell

Kathryn Walls

Mills Selig

Jason Wiggins