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Generation Innovation

By broadening horizons and exploring possibility we set young imaginations free and propel their aspirations higher

Generation Innovation Network


Generation Innovation energises the imaginations and aspirations of local young people by increasing their awareness of future careers as innovators. They are central to unlocking our future as a globally renowned knowledge economy. That’s why we put them at the heart of an inspirational network of experienced entrepreneurs, universities and employers.

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Night Of Ambition


The Night Of Ambition is an annual event bringing together our Generation Innovation Network of 15-18 year old thinkers, makers and do-ers. It is also an opportunity for teachers and parents to get up to speed on emerging trends in technology and knowledge-based careers in Northern Ireland.

The night features a mix of inspiring talks from a range of pioneering individuals specialising in areas including entrepreneurship in coding, gaming, social media, science, tech and design.

In the past we have welcomed speakers including global superstar will.i.am, Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey, MythBusters host Adam Savage and YouTube star Shane Todd. For more information please contact us here

Young Founders


Young Founders is an annual summer internship programme for 16-18 year old innovators. They are each given £1500 to help progress their business idea, with the chance to win a further £5000 bonus. Through masterclasses and mentoring by an expert entrepreneur, the Young Founders discover what it takes to turn a good idea into a commercially viable business.

Steering Team

Mark Dowds

Trov Inc

Brian Byers

Ulster University

Bill Connor


Liguori Dobbin

Bank Of Ireland

Columb Duffy

Allstate NI

Carol Fitzsimons

Young Enterprise NI

Rachel Gawley


Lynsey Mallon

Arthur Cox

Rachel McAllister

Carson McDowell

Michael Dorrian

Liberty IT

Euan Isles


Joanne Stuart

Catalyst Inc

Kathryn Walls

Mills Selig

Trevor Johnston

Queen's University Belfast

Deodatta Deshpande