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Co-Founders Wanted

Co-Founders Wanted enhances the credentials and capability of start-ups by introducing experienced entrepreneurs to their fledgling management team.

Solo innovators face a lonely and often difficult path to develop a business capable of commercialising their ingenuity. With little or no experience, developing a business strategy, selling globally and even managing an office is daunting. But it’s difficult recruiting a team to help out. Time, effort and trust are barriers that continually get in the way.

Co-Founders Wanted helps to overcome this by building a pool of potential co-founders to join existing entrepreneurs and develop stronger start-up teams.

For help building a team to support your innovation, please contact Sonya Kerr

Steering Team

Brian Baird


Andrew Woods


Kathryn Walls

Mills Selig

Stephen O’Kane


Jason Johnston

Carson McDowell

Michael Robinson


Karla Dooey

Arthur Cox

Gabrielle McArdle

Bank of Ireland

John Macrae

University of Ulster

Noel Culbert


Steve Orr


Vincent Farrelly