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Join our Co-Founders programme to meet 
a co-founder, create a great product and get ready to embark on an exciting startup journey.

Our vision for Northern Ireland is to create a community of innovators so powerful its people can change the world. We realise many people would love to be an entrepreneur but don't have a product idea or they do not know someone who has complementary skills.

A Co-Founder is a person who, in conjunction with one or two other individuals, is instrumental in starting a business. This programme is for people who dream of being an entrepreneur, who want to meet likeminded people with complementary skills, to create a product and build a truly great business.

If you want to start a company or join a startup team and have the time, energy and enthusiasm to commit to this programme,
we would like you to join us.

Programme Overview

Friday 15th September – 5.30pm to 9pm
Saturday 16th September - 9am to 5pm

Co-Founders Programme 
Every Monday evening from 6pm to 9pm
from 9th October to 11th December

Catalyst Inc, Innovation Centre, Queen’s Road Belfast

FREE (however significant time commitment)

Places are limited so you should only apply if you can fully commit to the time allocated above. Applications close Monday 4th September

If you have any questions about Co-Founders please contact Programme Manager Sonya Kerr.