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CEOs Connect

An exclusive peer to peer network supporting CEOs of high growth potential innovation companies in Northern Ireland

CEOs Connect is a new and exclusive peer to peer network supporting CEOs of high growth potential innovation companies in Northern Ireland as they scale and grow.

Northern Ireland is entering a new era where confidence is growing amongst the startup community. Innovation companies are gaining much more traction and receiving higher levels of investment funding in order for their companies to grow.   It’s at this stage that CEOs need our support with a new set of challenges, whether it’s building a team, finding a co-founder, developing networks to share knowledge and experience or accessing global markets. 

At times this can be a lonely journey for a CEO so the ability to speak to someone going through the same challenges can be extremely beneficial.  Connect has created the CEOs Connect network to provide a safe environment for CEOs to meet where they can develop relationships in confidence, share everyday challenges and more importantly realise that solutions can be only a conversation away. 

We’re helping these companies to fulfil their ambitions. These CEOs have the potential to deliver a greater prize than Northern Ireland has ever experienced before – it’s evolution into one of Europe’s most entrepreneurial economies by 2030!

About CEOs Connect

The network allows CEOs to:

  • develop relationships in confidence with other CEOs of innovation companies
  • share intelligence and networks
  • grow and scale their companies and deal with any challenges they have (therapy)
  • access the wider Connect and Catalyst Inc network providing access to CEOs and other global networks
  • talk to people within your sector in smaller cohorts covering: life science, enterprise/data, engineering/hardware and media/content/apps

What is the commitment?

  • The network meets one evening per month and focuses on a business challenge identified by the group, these include:
    sales & marketing, investment funding, staffing - building a team, leadership development, governance

Annual CEOs Scaling Retreat

The CEOs will also get the opportunity to attend an annual CEOs Scaling Retreat – an opportunity to escape from the business for 24 hours and spend time with their peers in a relaxed setting to discuss critical issues such as market entry, funding and talent strategies.  CEOs will hear from guest speakers and visiting CEOs from other countries about their experiences.

Membership of the Network

In March 2017, a group of CEOs helped to design the CEOs Connect network using design thinking and provided input on membership, frequency and format of meetings. It was agreed that in order to build relationships of trust that the membership would close after the initial intake of CEOs. If you are interested in joining the network, please contact:

Sonya Kerr, Programme Manager, CEOs Connect

M +44 (0)78 2799 4956 T +44 (0)28 9073 7828


The criteria for entry is:

  • CEO of an innovation company
  • CEOs who have raised at least 1 seed round of funding, 
  • bootstrapped their way to sales & have the ability to attract further funding 
  • or high growth potential companies with sales of £500,000
Steering Team

Noel McKenna (Chair)


Ashley Moore


Denis Murphy


Adrienne Hanna

Right Revenue

Chris Johnston