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Business success approached from every angle

We offer a variety of starting points and pathways for your entrepreneurial journey.

Some are structured processes, others offer pure inspiration, yet each leads to the same destination: thriving innovative businesses and a growing knowledge economy.

Springboard is an intensive, in-business process that challenges, supports and expedites robust go-to-market strategies, by leveraging the collective knowledge of a unique network of experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders in an open, nurturing environment. The programme is open to companies with the potential to grow revenue to, or beyond, £10Million in 5 years. Discover more

Invent is an annual competition that showcases and rewards local innovations and proof of concept ideas that have the greatest commercial potential. The competition is open to anyone with an innovative idea, from students, postgrads and researchers through to executives with side projects and retired people with a solution. Discover More

The 4th Industrial Revolution Challenge is an annual series of monthly headline debates held across Northern Ireland encouraging participants to learn together how the following sectors: health, finance, energy, transport, government and food will be disrupted by accelerations in the following platform technologies: IoT, Analytics, AI, VR, 3D printing, robotics, genomics, and quantum computing. Discover More

CEOs Connect is a new and exclusive peer to peer network supporting CEOs of high growth potential innovation companies in Northern Ireland as they scale and grow. Discover More

By broadening horizons and exploring possibility we set young imaginations free and propel their aspirations higher. Discover More

Frameworks are two hour workshops that run at either breakfast or lunchtime. They provide innovators with a grounding in business fundamentals. Discover More

Join our Co-Founders programme to meet a co-founder, create a great product and get ready to embark on an exciting startup journey. Discover More

What others are saying about us

Ricky Martin

Without Connect involvement, we would be years behind where we are now. Invent allowed us to hone the most important skill for investment; pitching and offered publicity on a national scale. Springboard was the main tool that allowed us to secure investment, it made us evaluate every part of our business and then be critically assessed. The 'nowhere to hide' process was invaluable and had an enormous impact on investment. Co-founders Wanted put us in contact with the brilliant Ronan Cunningham who lent us his years of expertise and experience, opened his contact book and pointed us ahead. We have been to California twice with the NI Tech Mission and are hopeful in signing a licensing agreement with a global brand as a result. My advice to any business that has the opportunity to work with Connect - Grab tight with both hands!

Ricky Martin

Ronan Cunningham

Always putting the needs of the entrepreneur first, Connect has created an incredible resource for technology startups in Northern Ireland. They provide a unique opportunity to collaborate and learn from a brilliant peer group of experienced technical and business people in a safe and supportive environment at a time in the life of your company where this knowledge and guidance can hugely improve your chances of success.

Ronan Cunningham

Founder of Banbatech and a Connect Entrepreneur-in-Residence
Philip McIntosh

Invent was such an amazing experience for us. Even outside of the success we enjoyed, the entire journey has proved to be so valuable. The process helped us to identify, understand and fine tune the weaker areas of our business so as we moved through the process, we improved with each stage. The support and enthusiasm we received from the Connect team was exceptional, this was the first event of this type that had entered and we were made to feel like part of a family. We've made some great friends and contacts along the way. I would encourage anyone with an idea in development to have a very close look at this event as there genuine rewards to be gained at every stage.

Philip McIntosh

Chris Acheson

Springboard was a transformational experience for CADshare, and for me personally. I entered the process with a concept I thought had potential, and emerged at the other end with a solid foundation for the business and a well-articulated, credible investment proposition. Our EiRs provided world-class guidance and support, and access to the Catalyst Inc global network of contacts will continue to prove invaluable. Springboard gave us the confidence to know that we really are “investor ready”.

Chris Acheson

CADshare Founder