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Story Behind Specially Commissioned Innovation Founder Award

Added Friday, October 6 2017

Artist Heather Dornan Wilson was commissioned by Catalyst Inc to design the award that was presented to James Leckey, our Innovation Founder for 2017. 

Writing about her design, Heather said "The sculptural award references the positive ethos behind James Leckey’s innovative and colourful postural care products.

Individual spinal blocks of cast Jesmonite are interspersed with luminous acrylic discs to capture the positivity and energy that the Leckey brand invest in each of their client’s needs.

The materials work harmoniously together, building a strong spinal structure that references Leckey’s desire that through his products, children and families are resourced ‘to interact and grow together." 

Chair of Catalyst Inc Dick Milliken presents James Leckey of Leckey Design with his specially commissioned Innovation Founder Award