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Skills for the Future Workplace - Inspiring Young Minds to Open up to STEM

Added Thursday, September 21 2017

Twice a year, Catalyst Inc and Matrix, the Northern Ireland Science Panel, work with industry, government and education to publish a STEM Courses and Careers Supplement which is aimed to provide information to pupils, teachers and parents about the career opportunities and pathways.

The latest supplement was published on 19th September 2017 in the Belfast Telegraph entitled 'Skills for the Future Workplace'.

Packed full of information they include profiles from a range of industries covering the diversity of jobs and education pathways along with articles from Industry and a range of educational providers.

The timing of the supplements are designed to coincide with the critical decision points in young people’s school-life.

The Supplements are a powerful tool to demonstrate the importance of STEM and Innovation to the economy and to show the breadth of the Knowledge Economy landscape. 

Supplements are available for download below

For further information contact Joanne Stuart at joanne.stuart@catalyst-inc.org