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Could your company benefit from the Generation Innovation Reimagining Work Experience programme?

Added Wednesday, February 13 2019

Catalyst Inc has launched Reimagining Work Experience programme for 2019 and its bigger than ever before. 

Hoping to attract 30-40 innovative companies within the Knowledge Economy sector to work with 300 post primary students, the programme will aim to solve intense employer-led innovation challenges to provide young people with skills for the future such as critical thinking, creativity and problem solving. 

Taking place from Monday 17 June to Thursday 20 June 2019 in Titanic Belfast, young people from Year 13/Lower Sixth age will collaborate with the companies to create meaningful outcomes for both them and the company. 

Key benefits of the programme:  

  • Companies get to provide a meaningful work experience for students of this generation without having to structure or plan this themselves
  • Companies get to engage with the creative, innovative young people who are at a crucial point in their life in deciding their future career path 
  • Companies get to market themselves and showcase their opportunities to 300 young people from across Northern Ireland and from many different schools
  • Company reps will receive training in Design Thinking before the Work Experience Programme, skills they can bring back to their own team
  • Company rep(s) will not be required for the full 4 days and will be delegated a large practical work space that overlooks the main great room of Titanic Belfast so they may work remotely should they not be able to get back easily to their own offices

One company owner, Tara Simpson from Instil Software took part in the 2018 programme pilot. He had a fantastic experience and something he believes all companies would benefit from. His company benefited from the comprehensive work experience framework and he was blown away with the energy and creativity of the young people. 

Hear about Tara's experience below: 


Companies will be required to delegate rep(s) to work in teams of young people. They will set their team a challenge- pose a real-life work problem that they have or are currently dealing with. Young people will come up with a solution to this problem using the 5 stages of design thinking over the course of 4 days. The company reps will work with their teams to help facilitate this. On their final day the teams will travel to their company premises to showcase their solution/prototype to the company leaders. This training is crucial for developing their transferrable skillset for the future of work and life. 

Want to get involved? Email Programme Manager, Ashleigh Harris, here.