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4IRC Debate. Education:

5.30pm - 7.30pm, 10 April, 2018


How do we prepare our young people for jobs that do not yet exist? How do we make 21st century skills a key priority in our current education systems? 

Join the 4IRC Connect Shapers as we reimagine education under the 4th Industrial Revolution. This debate aims to open a discussion with educators, businesses, policy makers and stakeholders around education under the 4th Industrial Revolution.

With the challenges education currently faces; including budgeting, student numbers and league tables how do we ensure 21st century skills are central to the curriculum and are easily assessed. How is creativity encouraged and supported through the education system and how do we empower both educators and students in the classroom. 

• Skills vs. Exams – how do we measure skills and assess them as opposed to traditional examinations
• What are the 21st century skills and why are they important?
• The Future Classroom: what is the landscape for tech in the classroom and how does it empower students and encourage learning?
• What role do those outside education play? 

Connect Shapers: Michael Crossan, Professor Lorraine Martin, Carrie Hanna, Dave Anderson. Each year Connect invites Northern Ireland’s top academic research professors, most innovative corporations and leaders from our startup community to nominate the Connect Shapers; people who have demonstrated brilliance in their field and a restless curiosity to find answers to the biggest questions facing society. Together, the Shapers define the key questions from the 4th Industrial Revolution and design the platform from which anyone can learn while meeting other people who share that curiosity. 


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