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Our purpose is based on a simple vision: innovation has the power to transform Northern Ireland into one of Europe’s most entrepreneurial knowledge economies by 2030.

About Connect

Connect is a not-for-profit network of experienced entrepreneurs, business professionals and top research talent. We’re dedicated to the creation and scaling of innovation companies in Northern Ireland. Every year we help over 500 local entrepreneurs to aim higher and succeed faster. Based on the proven University of California Connect model, we run intensive development programmes, track NI’s knowledge economy and nurture the entrepreneurial spirit of young people. We introduce our programme participants to a network of potential investors and help plug gaps in their business knowledge. We’re supported by corporate partners, underwritten by Catalyst Inc and don’t take equity in the organisations we help. That’s because our vision is for Northern Ireland to become one of the most entrepreneurial knowledge economies in Europe by 2030.

“If you can build a product that people want, we can help you build a business”

Steve Orr, Connect Director


Guidance and inspiration from experienced entrepreneurs


We’re as passionate about success as you are


Good ideas are always welcome. No invitation needed.